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Great for night sweats/cancer treatment

My mother was undergoing immunotherapy treatments for cancer. Between the cancer nightsweats and increased temps from the treatment, these products were fantastic. She used the larget one under her body and smaller on in her pillow. She told other patients and the doctors amd raved about them. Although she lost her battle with cancer, these products made her more comfortable in those final weeks. Thank you for providing some comfort to our mother with your ingenious product.

Cooler flash

Works great for me, especially since I had a Mastectomy and my flashes would wake me nightly. The pad does slide a little due to the material it’s made of, but I have figured that out.

This is just what I needled to help with my night time hot flashes. Amazingly cool even though it’s been sitting at room temperature. I love it!

Great for hot flash relief

I think this is wonderful. I wish I had known about it so much sooner. I've told everyone I know who's going through menopause. It is such instant relief and so easy to use.

Finally....a good night of sleep

If you are in menopause-- this item is a must! Keeps your face and head cool so that you can sleep despite the hot flashes. Amazing 😍

Head and body pillows

I bought the head and body mats. This was the best purchase I’ve ever made. It truly helped me with my hot flashes, by cooling my head and body. Thank you so much. You are the best!!!!

I really love this thing!

This pad is perfect for an immediate source of cooling relief when I get a wicked hot flash in the middle of the night.


I bought two from the start just by reading reviews, my high hopes and expectations, and lastly if need be returnable. Well at first I tossed and turned in search of my G-spot with my hot flashes along with the various options of my pillows and options on ways to use. Yay!!!! I finally succeeded whoo-hoo!!!😁

First yes for me since I’ve been hot since birth (Leo) lol and then the added hot flashes uggh I knew for me two was a no brainer while one revives again in 30 minutes (which it does) I can use the other and switch back and forth as need’s been a blessing! Trust they will travel with me in my near future.

I read a review to put in refrigerator great idea I haven’ t had the need besides too lazy to get up so I have both next to my bed and they work like a charm. I’ved placed them on my back shoulders, slept sideways with them, placed them on top of my pillow or in my pillowcase, slept on them, it always varies. The most important thing is they work! The pillow is 3 easily foldable sections which open to 1 and I like the idea depending on my heatwave lol whether I use the entire pillow or just a section of it. It’s Cool 😎 😂

More importantly all I know is I fall asleep if a heatwave comes on I reach out for my pillow and continue sleeping no interruptions and if another heatwave comes along I reach out for my second one and keep sleeping haven’t needed them again during night. If during day I needed them while working I lay it on my shoulder blades press back and VOILA COLD BURST😁 I love them!!! Happy with my purchases hope you will be too!

Cool pad

I bought two of pads to help with my hot flashes during the night. It has greatly reduced the heat and made sleeping more comfortable. I alternate each one during the night when my body heat wears them out (about two or three hours). I am definitely waking up a lot less compared to what I am now doing switching out the pad. It’s A good invention. I recommend them if you have trouble sleeping during the night due to suffering from hot flashes.

Love it and bought a 2nd Cooling Pad

I bought one pad originally to see how it works and loved it so much I bought a second one. It really is cooling. I used to wake up very hot and it took me a while to cool down and fall back to sleep. Now when I wake up hot, I grab the pad and place it under my hips for instant cooling and am able to get back to sleep. The pad does absorb my body’s heat which is why I have a second pad. IF I wake up again, I just switch out the pads. I keep them next to my bed and it’s easy to pick one up and place it wherever I need it. These pads will really help you cool down.

Cool, but

I now have a pillow and pad along with the covers for each. This is a very good product and does, indeed, get cool; however, it does not last long enough. I live in Hawaii where the temperatures and humidity are higher, so that may be the reason I only get about 30 minutes of cooling relief.

Cooling pads

They are quite helpful to get to sleep and be cool yet I wish they would stay cool longer.

Excellent cooling mat

Give it a try

I really does stay cool.

Great product

I purchased 2 cool pads. They work great.

Great for temporary cooling

It works great for cooling my hands, lower back and my husband’s head, but I wish it cooled longer than 30 minutes before “recharging” in the air.

Very Col

I bought this for my 13 year old because he gets hot every night. He puts under the sheet & sleeps in it. He said it really does keep him cooler. It sure is better than having to turn on the air conditioning.

Cool item!

Yes, this pad is the real deal. It arrived quicker than I had anticipated. It was packed in a convenient small box. I have used it now for about three weeks, and it does what it promises: keep me cool. I start putting it on my pillow, then take it out and use it for my back or belly, as I get hot flashes at different times at night in different parts of my body. It "recharges" quickly; 15 minutes or less in the open air, and it is nice and cool again. I'm loving this item and would recommend it to menopausal women like me. It sure beats arguing with my husband about using fans and opening windows at night, LOL !!


Cold ,compact ,great price and quality! Did I say cold! I want every woman n my family to have one😎legs face back, place anywhere u like for instant cool

Better than most

I sleep very hot so the search continues for a long lasting cooling pad. This one does work and recharge itself, but unfortunately doesn’t last long enough. The pad could be a little bigger also. What it really has going for it is it’s a tri-fold that fits very nicely back in the box it came in which makes it perfect for travel.



Recommend highly Cool flash pads

Bought these for my husband who has constant back pain and even though pain will never go away these cooling pads give him relief enough so he can sleep.

Just what I need for night-time hot flashes!!!

Someone in a support group recommended this to me for dealing with night-time hot flashes. I love that it doesn't have to be refrigerated or put in the freezer at all. It's amazing how cool it feels when it's just left out at room temperature. First time I used it, it felt great and really made my hot flash go away quickly. I don't like how it slips around in my pillowcase, so I sewed a little insert into my pillowcase to slip the cool pad into. So now my pillow is just regular on one side, and has the cool pad on the other side. I just flip my pillow over to the cool gel side as needed to stop my hot flash in it's tracks!


Only product found that actually helps with my hot flashes.

Love it!

Works better than I expected. Really works on those hot flashes and night sweats