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Great for night sweats/cancer treatment

My mother was undergoing immunotherapy treatments for cancer. Between the cancer nightsweats and increased temps from the treatment, these products were fantastic. She used the larget one under her body and smaller on in her pillow. She told other patients and the doctors amd raved about them. Although she lost her battle with cancer, these products made her more comfortable in those final weeks. Thank you for providing some comfort to our mother with your ingenious product.

Cooler flash

Works great for me, especially since I had a Mastectomy and my flashes would wake me nightly. The pad does slide a little due to the material it’s made of, but I have figured that out.

This is just what I needled to help with my night time hot flashes. Amazingly cool even though it’s been sitting at room temperature. I love it!

Head and body pillows

I bought the head and body mats. This was the best purchase I’ve ever made. It truly helped me with my hot flashes, by cooling my head and body. Thank you so much. You are the best!!!!

Great for hot flash relief

I think this is wonderful. I wish I had known about it so much sooner. I've told everyone I know who's going through menopause. It is such instant relief and so easy to use.

Finally....a good night of sleep

If you are in menopause-- this item is a must! Keeps your face and head cool so that you can sleep despite the hot flashes. Amazing 😍

Very Col

I bought this for my 13 year old because he gets hot every night. He puts under the sheet & sleeps in it. He said it really does keep him cooler. It sure is better than having to turn on the air conditioning.

Great Company!!

We are really enjoying our cooling pads.
Perfect for fooling through the night!

Fantastic purchase

I would highly recommend! It gets super cold and cools you down quickly. The only downfall is once the 3 hours are up, it gets hot like any plastic.


Would like it a little larger many by 3 inches

I bought the cool flash pad for my grandson...He uses it all the time and says its "awesome" ...I gave it a 4 star only because it should come with a fitted case...other wise i would have given it a five star

The best

I love the pillow pad. I use for my hot flashes on my back. It is the perfect size I can take any where. I have used in the car, restaurants, movies anywhere, I just love it.

Cooling pad

Suits me fine and sleep better


I believe it is a good product

Excellent cooling mat

Give it a try

I really does stay cool.

Great product

I purchased 2 cool pads. They work great.

Great for temporary cooling

It works great for cooling my hands, lower back and my husband’s head, but I wish it cooled longer than 30 minutes before “recharging” in the air.